Dr Nur Ozyilmaz, MD

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Dr Nur Ozyilmaz is an experienced, UK trained, integrative health consultant who has worked in some of the most renowned London hospitals, including Kings College Hospital, Great Ormond Street, and St Thomas’ Hospital.

During her training, she obtained a wide range of experience in a number of distinct specialties, including Adult Emergency Medicine, Neonatal Intensive Care and the following Paediatric Specialities - Oncology, Liver Medicine, Renal Medicine and Bone Marrow Transplant. She treated critically ill patients, including children with organ failure, requiring pre- and post-transplant care. After qualifying as a paediatric consultant in 2011, she gained further experience in Paediatric Nephrology, seeing children with acute and chronic kidney diseases.

From 2014, she started to develop her expertise in multiple areas in integrative and holistic medicine, attending international courses and conferences in Hyperbaric Oxygen, Acupuncture, Nutrition and Precision medicine. In 2019, she completed an intensive course in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation at Harvard University. In 2020, she completed studies in Hyperbaric Oxygen Medicine accredited by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society. She has also completed the Nutritional Science Course by Stanford University School of Medicine.

Dr Nur had her specialist training in conventional medicine and additional expertise in integrative medicine. And is uniquely qualified to deliver a multi-disciplinary approach to her patients, adopting the best practices of both worlds.

She holds a full registration and license to practice with the General Medical Council (GMC) UK and is on the specialist register. Dr Nur has medico-legal expertise and is also a certified medical appraiser. She is also the founding director of NUMA, a centre offering Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy run by a highly qualified medical team, using specialised hyperbaric oxygen chambers.


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More than 16 years of experience working in esteemed teaching hospitals in England, including Manchester University, King's College, Great Ormond Street and Guy's and St Thomas' Hospitals, emergency departments and community clinics


New Patient Consultation

A 60-minute consultation covering a comprehensive assessment of your past medical history, nutritional evaluation, examination and discussing the investigation plan

*For patients transferring from other practitioners with a long, complex medical history, please let us know your individual circumstances. We will tailor a consultation with your needs.


Follow up Consultation

An in-person, or online consultation during which you can discuss new or ongoing health concerns, your investigation results and management plan

Remote consultations (e.g., Video or telephone) are only available if you are an existing patient.


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Optimise your nutrition for vibrant health


Dr Nur is passionate about nutrition. She believes that what we eat and drink has a tremendous impact on our physical health, mental well-being and cognitive abilities. She carries out a detailed dietary assessment in the first consultation. She advices and supports her patients in their transition to one more balanced and tailored nutritional plan, specifically to their needs.


6 York Street

0203 823 1212



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6 York Street

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