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Dr Nur Ozyilmaz, MD

Dr. Nur Ozyilmaz is a former NHS Consultant, trained in the UK and with over twenty five years of experience in medicine.

She initially worked in emergency medicine for six years before specialising in paediatrics and later nephrology, receiving comprehensive medical training at prestigious institutions in London such as Kings College, Great Ormond Street, and St Thomas' Hospital. Following this, she pursued further postgraduate studies in the USA in regenerative and integrative medicine with a special interest in Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy.

Through her personal journey and firsthand experience, she became deeply passionate about hyperbaric oxygen medicine. In 2019, she founded NUMA with the mission to provide outstanding hyperbaric oxygen therapy services. Since then, she has been collaborating with referring physicians and distinguished healthcare professionals to design personalised hyperbaric oxygen therapy programs grounded in her clinical expertise and the latest research. These programs are then tailored to each individual's unique medical background to ensure the best possible patient outcomes.

She is dedicated to her role as the medical director at NUMA and rarely sees patients outside of the organisation. Please email to inquire about your suitability if you wish to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nur.



  • 60 Minutes


  • 45 Minutes
* For more complex cases that necessitate additional time, the extra time charges at a rate of £500 per hour.